My clients are EVERYDAY WOMEN……
who took time to treat themselves to a day of luxury and invested in a photographic legacy that will only grow with time.

Pre-booking consultation

Naturally, you’re going to have questions and concerns that a website just can’t answer! To set your mind at ease, and make sure this experience is right for you, I invite you to schedule a pre-booking consultation call prior to booking a session with our studio. Don’t worry, I understand that you’re a busy woman, so it won’t take long!

We’ll discuss:

  • How our detailed pre-shoot process eliminates concerns so you’re feeling confident, relaxed and ready for your custom photoshoot.
  • Types of photographic artwork offered & associated pricing.
  • Any questions or concerns you have about our detailed pre-shoot process, the day-of experience or the artwork and ordering process.

If you’re feeling excited by the end of our call, we’ll officially book your photoshoot with the payment of your session fee!

Design consultation

(Approx. 60 minutes via Facetime or Facebook Messenger.)

Congratulations, your photoshoots is officially booked! You should have already received your Welcome Packet in the mail which includes a luxurious Style Guide & Beauty Guide. During our call we’ll go over the helpful information found in these guides and much more!!

We’ll discuss:

  • How would you like to be photographed?
  • Review inspiration images to understand your likes/dislikes for posing, wardrobe, and hair/makeup.
  • How to plan your wardrobe, accessories & undergarments.
  • How to source your wardrobe (existing garments, studio garments, purchasing or renting new garments)
  • How to prepare in the weeks & days leading up to your photoshoot.
  • What to bring on the day of your photoshoot?
  • Who to bring on the day of your photoshoot?
  • We’ll also view studio samples of products offered in our Investment Menu.

Styling consultation

(Approx. 30-60 minutes via Facetime or Facebook Messenger.)

This is our “cherry on top” of your luxurious experience!! Get ready for a little girl time while we gush over and finalize the actual wardrobe items you’ve collected and decide what type of accessories and undergarments to pair with each look.

Studio photoshoot

(Approx. 3 hours; 45-60 minutes for hair/makeup & 2 hours of shooting)

It’s shoot day!! You’ll arrive to the studio feeling confident that every last detail has been planned so all you have to do is relax, have fun and look beautiful.

Included in your day:

  • Professional hair & makeup
  • Light snacks, assorted mocktails & water
  • Private changing room w/ bathroom & vanity area
  • Fully guided posing, that captures your best angles, throughout your photoshoot.
  • 4-6 wardrobe changes
  • In-person viewing of studio samples for products offered in our Investment Menu.

Photo reveal + ordering session

One week after your photoshoot you’ll come back into the studio, enjoy a glass of bubbly (non-alcoholic or fully loaded!) and savor how amazingly beautiful you look and how truly special your motherhood portraits are.

You’ll be able to view your portraits in detail, choose your favorites and finalize all purchasing decisions. Each purchased portrait is then professionally retouched where every detail gets polished. Plan to bring anyone that you want sharing in these exciting decisions with you!



Design Consultation | Styling Consultation | Professional Hair & Makeup

4-6 Outfit Changes | Fully Guided Custom Photoshoot | Photo Reveal + Ordering Session

Enjoy this special experience with your sweetheart at no extra charge!



Choose from luxurious print collections and wall art that are custom ordered and handcrafted in America or Italy.

Start building a legacy that will last for generations to come and watch your photographic investment grow with time!

Payment plans available.