It’s with tremendous gratitude that I move forward on this journey of giving back within the Orlando area through the charities shown below. As you’ll discover each charity speaks to a special place in my heart through personal experiences.

All you have to do to support our participation is spoil yourself with a custom maternity or motherhood photoshoot!

Read what our past clients are saying…

Children’s Miracle Network at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

I think we can all agree that Motherhood is tough but tough is substantially redefined when your child spends time in an ICU. I experienced a small dose of this “toughness” when our 2 week old son spent 10 days in the cardiac PICU at St.Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

Our son was diagnosed with SVT, an extra electrical pulse in his heart, which when taken, causes the heart to beat twice as fast until it just gives up. Our son’s heart was already 2 days into this abnormal rhythm and needed help, it was tired…..

While we are very fortunate and now spend our days wrangling a completely healthy & happy toddler other children (& their parents) spend drastically more time in the ICU and require far greater care from the talented doctors, nurses and staff.

This is why I’ve chosen Children’s Miracle Network at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida as one of the amazing charities that Luxe Portraiture is getting involved with. They are helping us take action by adding Coin Collection Canisters to our studio, pairing their Icon Campaign with our Mother’s Day Campaign and letting us know when they require a photo opportunity for one of their “Champions”!

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

I chose to get involved with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando because as a human being I….love….animals! The thought of even one animal needlessly suffering pulls at a very large heart string for me. Every family dog we owned growing up was a stray of some sort!

Now that I have more flexibility in my schedule, I felt it was time to give back through this special charity! Most of Luxe Portraitures support will come in the form of physically donating time as a volunteer or helping to restock the pantry.

I’m currently signed up as a “Bark Buddy and plan on luxuriously pampering shelter dogs through the “Hound Around Town” program. This program allows each shelter dog a chance to relax out of the shelter environment and get exposure to potential adopters.

I also plan to donate time and services to supporting the annual Paws In The Park and Fur Ball events each year. Paws in the Park is Orlando’s Largest Pet Festival held in downtown Orlando at Lake Eola Park. The Fur Ball, held at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, is a glamorous way to dance your stress away!