Erin McGonegle | Photographer Bio

As a photographer, I choose to luxuriously embrace women through their unique evolution of maternity and motherhood.

After struggling for years to become a mother myself I found a strong connection with, and obsession for, the specific genres of maternity and motherhood photography. Through my own journey I realized that each women’s path to motherhood is uniquely personal and should be celebrated and photographed as such.

I serve the Orlando and Tampa areas by providing an unrivaled customer service experience that encourages excitement and builds confidence before you even see your images. Treat yourself, invest in yourself and allow me to uncover how you dream of being photographed during this intimately special time in your life. Start building a legacy that will last for generations to come and watch your photographic investment grow with time!

From one beautiful mother to another I’ve crafted this luxurious maternity and motherhood photoshoot experience just for you!!